Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood DLC to hit ‘soon’ (Update)

Polish to English Internet translators aren’t great, so bear with us here. Techland recently held an event in Poland for the launch of Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. At the event the developer reportedly announced three bits of downloadable content for the game: two for the multiplayer and one for the campaign.

Our tipster, who happens to work for Polish gaming Web site, notes that Techland said the arrival of the downloadable content would be “soon” and available via Xbox LIVE Marketplace and the PlayStation Store.

As for our desire to play the DLC, you’ll be able to read more about that tomorrow afternoon in our Destructoid review of the second Call of Juarez title.

[Update: Like we said, translators aren’t great. Polish gaming Web site GamiKaze (an editor shot us an e-mail with the correction) is reporting that the Techland guys actually announced three seperate console DLC packs, each with four multiplayer maps and additional campaign side missions. The PC version of the game may get a grande DLC pack with all of the above, but apparently Techland is still considering the option.]

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