Call of Duty: WWII players have mistakenly been earning double XP since launch

All players are now getting the normal amount of XP

If you’ve been playing Call of Duty: WWII since it launched you may have noticed a sudden drop off in the amount of experience you’ve been earning. You aren’t going crazy, Sledgehammer Games mistakenly launched the game with double XP bonuses turned on. They’ve since rectified the mistake.

The past few days played host to the game’s first official double XP weekend, which is when players noticed something was off. Sledgehammer co-founder Michael Condrey took to Twitter and Reddit to explain the situation. 

Condrey stated on Twitter that the team had turned on triple XP by mistake, but later clarified via Reddit that double XP had actually been accidentally turned on since launch and the triple XP weekend was a result of that.

The response on Reddit wasn’t exactly positive, with some even suggesting that Sledgehammer was changing leveling to increase the game’s longevity with a heavier grind.

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