Call of Duty to feature largest line of DLC ever

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Activision doesn’t just want your money … it wants all of your money, all of the time. According to the evil publisher, Call of Duty as a franchise is set to feature the largest string of downloadable content in the company’s history throughout 2011. That’s a lot of $15 map packs!

“We’ve added significant resources to the brand and next year, we’ll offer the call due to community, our largest line of an exciting new digital content ever,” beams publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg. “Strong demand and close to a decade of solid performance give us a confidence to continue invest in heavily in this brand. We should offer the more opportunities for long-term growth than ever before.”

Hirshberg also confirmed the obvious, stating that a new “large-scale Call of Duty title” will arrive in the latter half of 2011.

While Activision could easily release nothing but Map Packs and get away with it, I hope this particular DLC provides something a bit more varied. I’d love some campaign extensions, or maybe a few more historical characters for Zombie Mode. Of course, since Activision rates its COD DLC at an exorbitant premium, I likely wouldn’t get it anyway, but it’d be nice to have.

Activision teases 2011’s Call of Duty [MCV]

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