Call of Duty pirate being sued by Activision

Activision shows that they’re not messing around, even when it comes to their 2006 videogames that have been marked down to $30.

Poor pirate James R. Strickland of New York has been busted by Activision. We don’t know how they found out, but they did, and now they’re suing Strickland for up to $150,000 for each infringement of each copyrighted videogame he’s pirated. Yikes!

They somehow found out Strickland was copying and distributing Call of Duty 3 along with some other unnamed games. It seems that Activision knows what those other titles were, as they into to amend the current complaint “to add additional acts of infringement,” says Edge.

Activision is also asking the Court to make Strickland destroy his copies and his copying devices.

To go after one guy is a pretty big deal. Did Strickland have a huge operation going on from his house? Or is Activision trying to make an example out of this?

Dale North