Call of Duty: MW3 Season 1 brings new maps, Gunfight, Zombies content

Warzone Season 1 begins as well with Urzikstan

Call of Duty MW3 Season 1 details

In a post on the Call of Duty blog, Activision has detailed some of the content coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Season 1. The multiplayer mode will receive some brand new 6v6 maps and the addition of the popular Gunfight mode. Meanwhile, both Zombies and Warzone are also getting some updates as well.

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A handful of maps and Gunfight mode

Three new 6v6 maps are going to be joining the rotation specifically in MW3 Season 1. The first two, Meat and Greece, will be available on day one of the Season. Meat is a compact map centered around a slaughterhouse. Greece on the other hand is a medium-sized Mediterranean-inspired map in a coastal town. A third map, Rio, will be released later in the season.

The popular Gunfight mode which lets players duel in 2v2 combat is also being added with the new season. The Training Facility map is specifically for Gunfight and is essentially a training course where players will duke it out. New maps for Gunfight as well as new modes for multiplayer will be coming later.

Some love for Zombies and Warzone

Fans of the new Warzone-style Zombies mode will be happy to see the mode getting some love in Season 1 as well. The story of Zombies will continue, with players investigating a mysterious gateway that has opened in the Exclusion Zone. New Dark Aether Rifts will pop up across the map and server as an end-game experience for those who have completed the seasonal Zombies mission.

As for Warzone, the season brings an all-new map: Urzikstan. The urban landscape has 11 major POI’s including the Popov Power Plant and Zaravan Suburbs. Warzone will also be updated to include the new movement mechanics from MW3 including Slide cancelling and Tac-Stance. Full details on the Warzone update will come at a later date, but Activision also hinted there will be horizontal ziplines and a driveable train.

Feelings on MW3 have been pretty mixed so far, but this seems like a solid update all around. It’s good to see content being added in all three phases of the game—multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone—and hopefully that trend continues. I feel like the focus usually shifts to one or the other, so it would be a good change to see all three modes evolve over the lifespan of MW3.

There’s no release date for Season 1 just yet, but Activision has indicated it is coming this year.

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