Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered will have bots in private matches

Also, you can turn off the annoying medal pop-ups

Even though it’s gated behind a disc and another game entirely, I’m glad Activision (or developer Raven) isn’t going into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered half-assed. It’ll eventually get every map by way of a free update, and will run at 1080p60.

But fans want to know more, and lead Raven Software designer Amos Hodge heeded the call over the weekend to bring several lingering questions to light. The big one? Bots will be supported in private matches, so even if one day Remastered becomes a coaster of a game with shut-down servers, you can still play multiplayer (though that won’t happen for a long while, as legacy Call of Duty games are still supported).

Hodge also confirmed that there will be an option to disable the in-game HUD icon for medals (a feature some found annoying), a request that came out of the recent Call of Duty XP event. At this point people are more excited for Remastered than Infinite Warfare, and I can see why — we already know Call of Duty 4 is good.

Amos Hodge [Twitter]

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