Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered to get ‘ongoing support through the spring’

With a free update in December

Activision has been pretty quiet about the Modern Warfare Remastered re-release, and it’s pretty clear why — they were saving some reveals for the XP event.

I had the chance to speak to developer Raven Software’s Dave Pellas and clear a few things up now that the veil has been lifted.

Pellas explained the content situation and sprinkled a few tidbits in for good measure. The first question I asked — “is it 1080p60,” to which he replied “hell yes” — good start! He explains that the entire project started as a “fan request,” and Activision actually approached them (Raven) directly. “Activision came to us,” he recalls, “and we were pretty stoked and couldn’t hold our excitement when we found out.”

So what’s the delivery method? We’ll be getting 10 maps in November, and six in December by way of a free update, at which point all 16 original maps will be available. When pressed for more, Pellas coyly replied “we’ll see, but what I can say for now is that we will be supporting the game until spring 2017.” That could mean anything, from new modes to new maps, so we’ll have to sit tight for now.

I also asked about the campaign, and although Pellas states that “it’s mostly untouched,” there are a few changes that are mostly done to enhance the aesthetic. “In the original there was really only one moment where you rappelled off of a chopper, and we wanted to add more of that in. More moments where you see your hands and feet and are in action. So we added in a few cinematic enhancements, and upgraded things like the mantling (vaulting) animation so it’s less stiff. But technically it’s the same speed…it’s not faster, it just looks better, which includes new lighting and contrast systems.”

When I pressed him about any other changes, Pellas gave up that there will be some Easter eggs hidden in levels for fans, some of which only really old school fans might get. He was surprisingly open about the project, but one thing I couldn’t pry out of him was any information regarding a standalone release. “Right now, it’s still just a part of the premium editions of Infinite Warfare.” I jokingly suggested a retail edition in the spring, but couldn’t illicit much more than a laugh.

My big takeaway (after having actually played it and gone through the interview) is that the remaster is in good hands, and honestly, I’m happy Raven is still in the equation (they made some really kickass games in the past, shoutout to the X-Men Legends and Origins: Wolverine team). Stay tuned for tomorrow when I can share some gameplay.

[Disclaimer: Travel was provided to the event by Activision.]

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