Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has a pet-raising Tomogunchi watch

I am so stupidly into this idea

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If you see more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players stop to stare down at their watches, there’s a reason why. Infinity Ward added the Tomogunchi accessory today. Similar to a Tamagotchi, owners can hatch, raise, and evolve their pet – except in this case, the digital monsters have a thing for killstreaks.

The interactive trinket is available in a Tomogunchi Bundle that costs 1,000 Call of Duty Points ($9.99). (The bundle also comes with a dinosaur-themed calling card, emblem, charm, sticker, and spray.)

Call of Duty players need to keep their Tomogunchi pal happy and healthy by scoring kills, objectives, killstreaks, and wins, so they tie into Modern Warfare‘s gameplay. If they aren’t cared for properly, they’ll become depressed and perish. You can check on your pet’s status by looking at little emoji faces on the watch. If they aren’t lit up, you’re golden. Otherwise, your pet could be hungry, dirty, unruly, or sleepy.

Tomogunchi pets start as an egg before growing into a child, teen, and adult, and they each have their own preferred way to level up a “bonus charge” meter to evolve. Some pets prefer captures, while others want you to land in the top three. Players can use the “Watch Interact” gesture to bank these bonus charges as they come up during matches and evolve their Tomogunchi pet more quickly.

It’s unclear exactly how many pets there are, but I’ve spotted a dog, a panda, and a ghost, among others. Forget keeping up with the Battle Pass – these blood-lusting beasts are all that matter now.

I wouldn’t mind caring for a digital pet in a game I play on a regular basis say, Monster Hunter.

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