Call of Duty DDoS attack lands idiot teen in jail

A moron who launched a denial-of-service attack on Call of Duty: Black Ops players has found himself in jail on charges of being a little prick. 

The 17-year-old from Manchester, England used a “Phenom Booter” program to stop other people from playing the game, which allowed him to rake in ill-gotten points at their expense. Unfortunately for him, nobody screws with Activision, and detectives soon traced the script kiddie’s IP address and systematically tracked him down.

“Online gaming is a major retail sector with millions of titles being sold in the run-up to Christmas worldwide,” says detective inspector Paul Hoare. “Programs marketed in order to disrupt the online infrastructure not only affect individual players but have commercial and reputational consequences for the companies concerned.”

The boy is currently held in custody under the Computer Misuse Act. His identity is unknown but I am going to guess he has curly hair. They always do. 

Call of Duty cyber attack prompts arrest of boy, 17 [BBC] [Image]

Jim Sterling