Call of Duty: Black Ops III Easter egg channels…Silent Hill?

Spooky scary mannequins

People are saying Doctor Whom and that’s fine, that’s fine — “Angels,” innit, governor? — but it still reads Silent Hill to me because they’re like mannequins (by way of I, Robot), even if Super Mario Boos might be closer. Also, the I, Robot director’s got his first film since 2009 Nic Cage flick Knowing and it looks terrible.

The point is: shoot off all the robot arms in Call of Duty: Black Ops III‘s Nuketown in under two minutes and you’ll have a swarm of (suddenly re-armed) robots after you when you’re not looking, and, yes, they can kill you.

Shooting the heads off, meanwhile, just turns them alive and after you, which is less cool.

Horror fact: things that only move around when you’re not paying attention are scary. Especially Furbys and your priorities.

Steven Hansen