Call of Duty: Black Ops beta imminent? (Update)

[Update: As reader Tom Davy points out, the above image has proven to be a fake. A beta for the multiplayer, however, does seems likely. Again, we’ll keep you updated coming out of tonight’s Black Ops multiplayer event.]

The aptly-named has gotten its hands on what appears to be proof of an incoming beta program for Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops. The site has a number of images to back this up, including one screen of a PlayStation 3 user downloading the Black Ops beta client.

Further corroborating this story is a Google ad which the site spotted that mentions signing up for “the exclusive Xbox 360 multiplayer beta on September 1.” Community manager Josh Olin has publicly denied the legitimacy of the ads adding “As always, if I don’t say it, it’s not official.”

The leaked image of the PS3 download and the Google ad, which calls the 360 beta “exclusive,” don’t really jive. But today is the day that Treyarch is hosting a multiplayer reveal at its studio, so we’ll just have to wait and see what pans out. Our own Matthew Razak will be on hand, so keep watching Destructoid for the first info as it comes.

Call of Duty BlackOps beta upcoming? -Rumor- [ via VG247]

Nick Chester