Call of Duty 7 is happening

Ready to shoot brain juice all over your monitor? Get ready to have your mind blown anyway faithful readers: Call of Duty 7 is in production.

I know, I know — this is absolutely shocking stuff. I’ll give you a few seconds to wipe the goo off the LCD screen. Don’t take too long though. I don’t want your buzz to take a dive. We still have a detail to share.

Treyarch is apparently manning this project. It’s not much of a shocker considering that the two Call of Duty developers — Infinity Ward and Treyarch — have been taking turns since the dawn of time. But, it’s nice to know that balance is still in effect.

Call of Duty 7. Is it too soon to speculate? I hope it’s on Mars. Just sayin’.

[via David Kim’s LinkedIn profile and SuperAnnuation]

Brad BradNicholson