Call of Duty 5: World at War debut teaser and trailer

If you are still skeptical about Call of Duty 5: World at War, there’s a chance that the above teaser trailer, as aired on GTTV, may warm your cockles to Treyarch’s Modern Warfare follow-up. It has flamethrowers in it.

The full trailer after the jump promises a visceral and gruesome World War II game, and if they can capture the horrors of the Pacific Front, then maybe they will win the hearts of we who didn’t want to go back to WWII.  

Also, as a treat for the conspiracy theorists, there is no PlayStation 3 logo at the end of the trailer. Of course, that means nothing (since this trailer was on Xbox Live) but a few of you might want to pretend it’s a sign that this is a 360 exclusive. I know some people in the gaming community get off on that kind of thing.




James Stephanie Sterling