Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare trailer

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Did you really think we were going to make you wait through all of the NFL draft this weekend on TV, just to see the trailer for Activision’s new Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare game? Of coure not, here it is at last. Will Infinity Ward be the Hines Ward of warfare shooters? Well, maybe, maybe not.

It looks like it has more varied types of gameplay in store for us, as well as a story that doesn’t revolve mindless murdering and load screen text just for the hell of it. I’m sure there will be enough plot to satisfy war fanatics, but for the simpleton soldiers out there, it seems to all boil down to the fact that there’s some dude with a funny hat that will probably be hard to kill.

The character models and textures look better than ever, but if you start to nitpick you’ll notice that a lot of the environments and objects don’t look like anything that puts Call of Duty 3 to shame. Gameplay will make or break Call of Duty 4, and they’ve got plenty to work with, so I’m excited to see how the game turns out.

At the end of the trailer they reveal the site CharlieOscarDelta (C.O.D., get it?), but it’s not fully functional yet. Either we weren’t supposed to see this video until later today on TV, or they’re getting a lot of traffic right now. Keep checking back later for more information, or feel free to explore through broken images and database errors. Modern Webfare is brutal.

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