Call of Duty 4 heading for another Double XP weekend

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For those of you still plugging away at Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward has said to expect one of its lovely Double XP weekends during the weekend of September 12-14.

“I’m currently working on getting everything organized and together for an upcoming Xbox Live / PSN promotion we have coming up the weekend of Sept. 12th – 14th,” states the developer on its blog. “I will have exact details on what it is in the near future but I have a gut feeling it’ll have Double XP attached to it for all those hungry for some power-levelling on Call of Duty 4.”

Double XP, for those too stupid and ignorant to know, does exactly what it says on the tin. For that weekend, you get double the normal experience points used for beefing up your online character, earning new perks and weaponry with each level gained. It’s a neat little marketing trick, I’ll give them that. 

It looks like some big promotion is on the way, mainly because Infinity Ward used the words “big” and “promotion” to desribe the promotion it is working on that happens to be big. It’s a big promotion! While this is “technically unrelated” to the game’s new playlists, Infinity Ward is hoping that those will be ready in time for the Double XP weekend. So, exciting times ahead for modern warmongers.

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