Cafe Enchante shouldn’t be confused with that other game about serving coffee to strange creatures

Warming up the Switch this autumn

Aksys Games is one of the more unpredictable publishers to take part in the New Game+ Expo. You never know quite what you’re going to get from it. Over the past few years, it’s published everything from Little Dragon’s Café to Deadly Premonition Origins to the not-at-all confusingly named Under Night In-Brith EXE:Late[cl-r]. For the New Game+ Expo, however, it played up its collection of upcoming visual novels.

For the New Game+ Expo, Aksys went with some pretty obscure upcoming games, including Piofiore: Fated MemoriesTin & Kuna and Pretty Princess Party, as well as a really brief look at something called Escape from Asura. However, the reveal really speaking to me is Café Enchanté. Developed by Idea Factory, it casts players in the role of Kotone, who inherits her grandfather’s café and discovers it serves a clientele of demons, angels, and other mythical creatures.

If this sounds a bit like this year’s Coffee Talk, know the art style here is very different. I’m talking eight-pack abs on shirtless demons. Aksys is promising an uplifting tale when Café Enchanté launches on Nintendo Switch this fall.

Café Enchanté [Aksys Games]

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