Cabinet lust

Sometime, I just wander about the internet and look at things that are wildly out of my price range that I desperately want to buy. I’ve given up on all hope of a Realdoll, but tonight, I found myself falling into a self induced haze of tequila and lust over the Excalibur, a sexy stand up cabinet that I played at Video Games Live.

Made by Dream Authentics, this sucker can play any PC based video games from arcade must haves to newer titles. Under the hood lies a custom computer platform, a 27″ arcade monitor and an arcade audio system (subwoofer included). Yes, having an original Joust or Gauntlet cabinet in your house is the stuff that faps are made of, but the minute you say customize, I lose my little bean of a brain and fumble out my credit card. 

As the logic of my current finances dissolved away like so much sand through my fingertips, I surfed to the site and found out that financing is now available for me to install this pagoda of glory in the kitchen. No interest or payments for a year? It’s so….painless. I can save 3500 bones by then. I know I can, I know I can, I know I can….

Colette Bennett