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Cabernet is a narrative game about eating the rich

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Party for Introverts has revealed its narrative RPG, Cabernet, which is set for release on PC in early 2024.

Cabernet casts you as a 19th-century vampire trying to blend in with aristocrats. You explore the town and command a slate of classic vampire powers, like turning into a bat and hypnotizing people. You use these to steal the blood of rich people. Finally, a protagonist we can root for.

Your character is new to the whole vampire thing and still hasn’t made the decision on whether they should hold onto their humanity or just go with that and have a feast. That’s not a hard decision for me. The game contains themes of social conflict, alcoholism, and corruption. Hopefully, this doesn’t get too in the way of eating the rich.

There is no indication that romance will play a role here, but we can always hope.

Sometimes PR people will seek out journalists who fit best with the subject matter of what they’re trying to bring attention to, then they reach out to them directly. That’s what happened here. I often don’t know why they talk to me aside from “actually reports on non-AAA games,” but I totally get it with Cabernet. I can barely last 5-minutes in a polite conversation without lusting over vampires. Well played, PR person. Now I want to know if I come up in a Google search for vampire-fucker or if I’m just on a list somewhere.

If you, too, lust for vampires and blood, Cabernet will arrive for PC in early 2024.

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