C&C 3 demo now on Xbox Live; are you having issues?

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When I woke up this morning another year older and another year closer to death, I just so happened to see that Microsoft left a present on my Xbox 360 via a Command and Conquer 3 demo. Now, because I dedicate my life and soul to this site, I haven’t actually downloaded the thing yet. But, from what I hear, there are some issues with actually downloading it. From Major Nelson:

Demo’s fudged for me too,3 hours still can’t get past 30%
Some quality time i’ve just spent there,downloading nothing
Hopefully its sorted when i try later

Yeah I’ve had that error 3 times and have had to restart the download each time. Getting rather annoying.

Download keeps hanging.
Man, if this is what happens for a regular game demo, I pity what’s going to happen to Live when the Halo 3 beta goes Live…

Anyone else having issues with this highly-anticipated demo?

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