Buyer beware: These are the abandoned Xbox LIVE games

The folks at OXM took it upon themselves to fire up a bunch of older Xbox 360 titles and see if there was anyone to be found in each game’s multiplayer.

Among the slew of games they tested were F.E.A.R., Tenchu Z, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance. For each title, they noted how long they waited and how many players they ran into, making for a pretty interesting little article.

We’ve all purchased games from the bargain bin before, so the experience of finding empty lobbies shouldn’t be anything new, especially if you’ve ever been late to the party for an Xbox LIVE Arcade game.

It wouldn’t be so annoying if developers didn’t spend so much time touting their game’s multiplayer component and making achievements like “get 500 headshots online” when it’s painfully obvious that people aren’t going to want to play for more than a week or two.

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