Buy Madden at Wal-Mart, get free deodorant

What better way is there to spend a slow news Friday than to bring you fun and quirky stories from the world of videogame lore? Case in point: our video director R3y headed out to Wal-Mart last night at midnight to pick up his copy of Madden NFL 10. When he got to the register, he was informed that his purchase also came with one of three free items: Gillette shaving cream or deodorant (or deo-bro-dorant, as Topher calls it) or little Xbox 360 stickers that you stick under your eyes that replace those black smears you see real pros sporting. How manly!

R3y figured there was nothing better than improving your personal scent while on the go, so he went for the travel deodorant. We had a laugh about it when he arrived at work today. You guys ever get any weird of interesting promo items like this for buying a game?

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