Buy Final Fantasy XV at Target, get a free Final Fantasy XV soda

And it’s the best flavor, creamsicle

With Final Fantasy XV getting ready to dominate the world soon, it only makes sense that FFXV-related goods would eventually hit the shelves. Joining Audi’s gaudy tie-in vehicle is Wiz’s Energizing Elixir from Jones Soda. Based on the game’s Wiz Chocobo Post location, the orange and cream soda (the best flavor) will be $2.99 a bottle and will most likely only exist for a limited time. 

If you purchase your copy of the game at Target, however, you’ll be able to grab a bottle for free with proof of purchase. Much like the highly sought after Fallout tie-in Nuka Cola, expect these to disappear rather quickly. 

I’m probably going to buy a few of these myself to keep me terribly hydrated during Final Fantasy XV‘s awesome-sounding experience

[Via Gamasutra]

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