Buy Dexter for iPhone, win a walk on role on the show

Dexter The Game has hit the App store this week and it’s only going for $5.99. Based on our preview, it looks like a good game and something fans of the show will like.

As an added incentive, every purchase of Dexter The Game will get you a chance to win a walk-on role in season five of Dexter the TV show and lunch with one of the show’s writers. There’s also a chance that you may win some prizes such as DVDs and t-shirts. Just buy the game, get the code and enter it on the official Web site to see if you’ve won.

So Dexter. Great show or greatest show? I love this series and get instantly hooked with each new episode. The story is great, the actors are fantastic and I always get jealous to see all the great food Michael C. Hall gets to eat in every episode. Seriously.

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