Buy BioShock 2 on Amazon, get BioShock for free

While it’s a little bit hard to imagine that there’s somebody out there itching to play BioShock 2 but hasn’t yet experienced the first, I take no chances when it comes to saving money.

Savvy shoppers who toss both games into their shopping cart will only see a price reflecting the recently released sequel, which means a savings of roughly seventeen dollars, with a little give and take depending on your platform. Meanwhile, BioShock 2 is already priced at $48.99, bringing the whole package to a total savings of $28. Not bad.

Again, it’s not a deal I expect most people would have interest in but these games are so good that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to mention it. No word on how long it will last either. So if you are going to get it, now would probably be the time.

BioShock 2 [Amazon]

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