Bustin’ makes me feel good: Ghostbusters Wii, PS2 multiplayer mode info

We know, we know — you’re excited about the Ghostbusters games coming to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, and Wii. So are we — the thought of re-living a 1980s fantasy as spook trapping professional is an interesting proposition indeed. 

And the Ghosts vs. Busters and ghost-catching multiplayer modes that have been confirmed for the PS2 and Wii versions (developed by Red Fly) seem like they could be a nice diversion from what we hope will be a solid single-player experience. Ghosts vs. Busters is just what it sounds like — one team of two will strap on proton-packs and hunt down another team of two ghosts. The ghosts-catching mode will be an all-busters race to see who can catch the most ghosts. 

Although these modes have only been confirmed for the PS2/Wii versions of the game, but the Terminal Reality developed PS3/Xbox 360 versions will likely have similar modes. This seems like the perfect game for a four-player co-op experience; so what about cooperative modes? The official word is that it’s being considered, but from what we hear (and we do hear things!), it ain’t happening.

Hey, there’s always the sequel …

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