Bust out the streamers, there’s gonna be a Big Bang Party on Wii

Because that’s what the Wii needed, more games with “party” in the title.

Clearly intrigued by the musical-stylings of Yubaba and its gratis Big Bang Mini soundtrack, the folks at Offworld decided to make MySpace friends with the composers. (They did the soundtrack for Horse Life 2, gaiz!!1!) And look what they found — a listing for one of their upcoming projects, Big Bang Party for the Wii. 

Developer Arkedo has already teased a Wii sequel, so it doesn’t come as much a surprise, but it’s a nice confirmation that’s actually happening. And now we have a title, which — as Offworld so astutely points out — would explain the “mini” in Big Bang Mini. (It’s on a tiny handheld, get it?)

The title is said to feature five of the worlds from the DS title, add new multiplayer modes, and horizontal shooter gameplay. Arkedo is looking at a 2010 release.

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