Bury the dead in Graveyard Keeper

The death business is booming

Running a graveyard sounds like a recession-proof gig. Everyone bites the dust, after all. It doesn’t matter if you were a noble hero or a poor-ass person; sooner or later you’re going to wind up six feet under the ground.

In Graveyard Keeper, players get to manage and operate a medieval cemetery, all while taking advantage of a constant flow of cadavers

Graveyard Keeper channels the fantasy capitalism gameplay of Recettear with a darker twist. It’s not just supply and demand here; players can sell loose limbs and take part in other nefarious schemes to ensure a steady stream of surplus gold rolling in. Making extra money and expanding your graveyard empire is a bit more exciting than ensuring eternal slumber for a bunch of corpses, isn’t it? 

Wheeling and dealing in body parts is just the tip of the undead iceberg, too. According to publisher tinyBuild Games, Graveyard Keeper has dungeons to loot, crafting recipes to uncover, and “ethical dilemmas” that will test players’ business acumen.

Graveyard Keeper will be available later this year on PC and Xbox One.

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