Burnout Paradise PS3 Trophy Pack now available, not retroactive

As promised, trophy support for the PlayStation 3 version of Burnout Paradise is here. Simply pop in your Burnout Paradise disc while connected to the Internet to get the update at no charge.

Criterion has a full list of the game’s trophies on their Web site, and it’s an impressive list to behold. Trophies are broken down in awards given for tasks complete in the original game, the Cagney update, and the most recently added bikes.

Unfortunately, the trophies will not be retroactive. According to Criterion, they had originally intended to retroactively support trophies, but discovered during testing that it wasn’t possible. So if you’ve been playing the game since launch, prepare to start with a fresh save in order to unlock some of these bad boys.

Is there anyone out there who’s ready to start Burnout Paradise from scratch to earn some imaginary awards?

Nick Chester