Burnout 3 to receive the Xbox Originals treatment next week

Mark your calenders! Xbox Originals is going to get a heap of arcade-style racing madness with the release of Burnout 3: Takedown on January 14. As you’ve probably come to expect, you’ll need 1200 Microsoft Points in your account before you can start destroying some driver-less cars.

Were we really expected to believe that these cars could navigate themselves? I like to think that they’re really just robots in disguise, or are possibly even possessed by supernatural forces.

Whether you love Xbox Originals or hate it, you’ve got to admit that the idea behind it is good in theory. But so long as the games appearing on the service are backward compatible and can be found at cheaper prices elsewhere, I’m not completely sold … yet.

You just never know what laziness and an insane craving for Crimson Skies can make a man do.

[Via Gamerscoreblog]

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