Burning Crusade now gold. No, there’s no joke here.

Blizzard, or at least their community manager Tseric, very subtley announced that The Burning Crusade expansion for World of Warcraft, has, in fact, gone gold. The joyous shouts of people all over the world who have given up bathing and regular social interaction in favor of this MMO were only matched by the pained cries of the murloc population for whom this expansion guarantees another few years of rampant slaughter and bad jokes about their “accent”.

In the past, Blizzard has been notorious for pushing back release dates “until it’s done”, so to hear one of the Blizzard team members stating that it has gone gold (ie: a final master copy has been shipped off to be replicated) certainly makes their intended January 16th release date look definite.

(Editor’s Note: Now that that’s settled, if anyone at Blizzard would like to send me a lifetime subscription, I will literally beat to death anyone who says anything negative about your product. I’ve been to jail before, and it’s not a huge deterrent for me. Also, if you send me one of those in-game murloc pets, I will wear your enemy’s skins as a suit. — Nex)

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