Burning Crusade easter eggs galore!

Not all of us are as fortunate as Rob Summa.

He has the Wii, he’ll be getting a PS3, he’s in the beta for The Burning Crusade, and when he’s feeling down, doves fly in his window carrying handkerchiefs and girly magazines.

Thankfully, for those of us who aren’t touched by an angel, like Rob, we have the slavish devotion of the World Of Warcraft fanbase to bring us things like this thread over on World Of Raids. It details many of the easter eggs found in the upcoming expansion pack, The Burning Crusade.

Blizzard is notorious for their easter eggs, such as the clickable exploding creatures in their RTS games, or the long quest line in Un’Goro Crater that was an homage to Nintendo games of the past. It’s apparent that their latest expansion is no exception.

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