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Just in case you didn’t know, the PlayStation Network exclusive arcade shooter Burn Zombie Burn! is dropping on March 26 — a mere few weeks after you’ve got your T-virus on in Resident Evil 5, which hits streets today. The developer for Burn Zombie Burn!, doublesix, has passed around a short video showing off some of the multiplayer (and single player) in a rapid fashion. I have to point out — yeah, I’m drawing on the zombie game parallel — that doublesix’s multiplayer will be included with original purchase.

The first mode (free, of course) is called Survive the Zombies. The key, as we’re told by the press release, is to herd zombies and unleash big attacks for higher scores. Seems easy, especially if you’re dealing with slower brain-eating type. Beat The Clock is another transparent mode that forces you to re-kill as many zombies as you can before the clock runs out. The last mode, Protect Daisy, is your typical kind of escort thing — protect the girl from the undead and your own fire power for as long as possible. These modes are part of the single-player as well.

Hit the break a video of the content. The game is looking pretty hip. It’s like Zombies Ate My Neighbors, except you get to substitute squirt guns for machine pistols. Hell yeah.

‘Game Modes’ Trailer Unveiled for
Forthcoming Undead Arcade Shooter!

GUILDFORD, ENGLAND-March 13th 2009 – Those demonic development denizens at doublesix have today revealed their latest corpse-laden masterpiece in the guise of a brand-new in-game trailer for the upcoming arcade shooter Burn Zombie Burn!, releasing on PlayStation®Network on March 26th 2009.
The video showcases the three modes in the Arcade game which are available in both single player and multi-player, and uses visceral in-game footage of what players have to look forward to. Below are some useful tactics on how to succeed in each mode. Keep them handy for later use!
The purest mode in Burn Zombie Burn! where zombies can be herded far easier and where you’ll score the highest. Make sure to farm for explosive upgrades as soon as possible, and get used to setting large groups of zombies on fire so as to blow them up in an orgy of high-scoring nirvana!

Score as high as possible before your time runs out. You start with five minutes, and unless you constantly restock that with time pickups worth 20 seconds each, the clock will be at zero before you know it! Setting large groups of zombies on fire and blowing them up en masse is the best way to farm time pick-ups. Just don’t take your eyes off the clock!
Your gal. Score high and keep Daisy safe. Explosives have to be used more carefully in this mode, as a misplaced TNT drop could kill her outright (what would the mother-in-law say?). Instead, aim to lure lots of zombies around Daisy and set them on fire, as long as you kill them quickly – burning zombies hurt her too. Using melee weapons, such as the bat and chainsaw, is the way to go.
To view the brand-new trailer and keep up to date on all things Burn Zombie Burn! related, head to www.burnzombieburn.com and visit our dedicated youTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/doublesixgames.

About Burn Zombie Burn!
Releasing on PlayStation®Network on March 26th 2009, Burn Zombie Burn! is an addictive and charismatic arcade shooter bearing the ‘just one more go’ hallmark that defines all of the great games in the genre. Set across six classic American horror movie inspired levels, you play as Bruce – an average everyday Joe who was looking forward to some ‘quality time’ with his girlfriend Daisy. In true B-movie style, their Saturday night is ruined by an invasion of zombies.
The aim of the game couldn’t be simpler; shoot, burn and blow up as many brain-munching zombies as possible using a variety of classic zombie-killing weapons before they overwhelm you. Use fire to build up your multiplier and then destroy zombies en masse with explosives to increase that oh-so-important leaderboard high score.  But beware! A burning zombie is a faster zombie – burn too many and they will burn you!
Burn Zombie Burn! is frantic arcade gaming at its best, delivering humor and bloody zombie violence in copious amounts!

About Kuju Entertainment
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About doublesix
doublesixis an award-winning game developer based in the heart of Guildford and is one of five regional studios formed by Kuju Entertainment Ltd.  Built around the teams that created the critically-acclaimed Geometry Wars: Galaxies and addictive PSN shooter Nucelus, the studio is dedicated to producing the highest quality digital distribution titles across all platforms: XBLA, PSN, WiiWare, PC and I-Phone.  For more information please visit www.doublesixgames.com.
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