Burn Zombie Burn videos: Get ’em while they’re hot, and sort of rotting

With zombie games enjoying a bit of a revival as of late, it should be no surprise that digital games are getting in on the undead fun. Double Six will be bringing Burn Zombie Burn, a frantic score attack zombiethon, to the PSN in the near future, and they’ve let us know of some fresh new videos.

Fundamentally, it’s very much like any top-down run and gun available on downloadable platforms such as Assault Heroes or Wolf of the Battlefield. There is a little bit more going on under the surface of this game, however, as players must set zombies on fire, making them more dangerous and increasing their speed, in order to achieve scoring multipliers. 

The game also doesn’t have a twin-stick method of control, despite what the video may lead you to assume. According to Double Six, the control method didn’t work for many of the melee weapons such as baseball bats and chainsaws. Since these are zombie weapon staples, something with familiarity and freedom was apparently chosen to make them work better.

The game is scheduled to arrive “quite soon indeed.” Also, the main character is called Bruce. Rather obvious fan service, but welcome nonetheless.

Jim Sterling