Burn Zombie Burn moves 70,000 undead units

Developer doublesix has announced that Burn Zombie Burn, the developers first PlayStation Network title, has sold 70,000 units. Is that good or bad, you say? According to doublesix, that’s great, as it was the developers initial benchmark for success. It also points out that “digitally distributed titles tend to have a longer life cycle,” and that it expects it wlil “reach a significantly higher lifetime figure.”

Why come out and say anything at all? Transparency, doublesix wants more of it.

“I do wish tht all the platform owners would make their digital sales figures public,” says studio head James Brooksby. “We feel this lack of transparency is hindering the development of these channels.”

“As a developer trying to decide which platforms to develop for, as well as what type of games to make,” he explains, “we’re currently in the dark regarding real sales performance for digital platforms and that makes it increasingly difficult to make realistic plans. I’d like to see some kind of verified sales charts on all digital systems to encourage more developers to support these channels and to help make sensible investment decisions.”

Certainly makes sense. What also makes sense is that with its success, Burn Zombie Burn will be receiving additional content via PSN. While no details were given, Brooksby does mention “upcoming expansion packs” and “bundles.”  

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