Burn Zombie Burn! merchandise coming to PS Home

The crew at doublesix are looking to capitalize on the holiday festivities nearest to their latest PSN downloadable videogame’s undead heart. Starting now, people still dancing the night away in PS Home can buy two kinds of Burn Zombie Burn! merchandise — zombie clothing and zombie statues — in advance of Halloween.

The clothing, which are shown extensively in the above trailer, are quite brilliant considering what they’re available in. The undead helmet is selling for $2.99, while the sunken green torso (suit) is available for $3.99. The statues on the other hand, which are used to decorate boring, or underzombified apartments, all sell for $2.99 respectively.

We’re not sure why someone would want these things, but we heard zombies were hot. So, there.


Brad BradNicholson