Burly Men at Sea is still super cute

Now backed by the Indie Fund

Brain&Brain brightened one of my busy event-covering days last year with its charming Scandinavian folktale adventure Burly Men at Sea, but I haven’t heard much about it since. It’s coming along.

There’s a cheerful new trailer, for one, and pre-orders have opened on the Humble Store, so we now know the price point. It’s normally going to cost $9.99 for Windows and Mac, but early buyers can trim 20 percent off. Just don’t touch the facial hair.

The game is releasing on iOS this year as well, and from what little I’ve played, that seems like the way to go. The way you interact with the world is better suited for touch controls.

The husband-and-wife team also announced that Burly Men at Sea has gained the support of the Indie Fund, which has previously backed games like Armello, Her Story, Panoramical, and Antichamber.

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