BurgerTime World Tour trailer is meaty and tasteful

BurgerTime is an old favorite — both the game and the actual time where you eat burgers. I like steakburgers the best; the kinds with the thin patties, doubled up, and then topped with lots of cheese. Freddy’s does it well, and then gives me rockin’ shoestring fries and frozen custard with it! That is my jam, son.

I could go on about the many other ways to do burgers well (Father’s Office), but this post is about the upcoming game release from MonkeyPaw Games, BurgerTime World Tour. We have an early look at the official E3 trailer for the game. In it you’ll see that Destructoid was quoted. In it you’ll also get a peek at some of the fifty rotating, 3D levels of the game, which are located all over the world. Add in big bosses, co-op and new power-ups and you have one hell of an update.

I’m sure this all has made you hungry. I’m hungry enough to go to Five Guys now.

In-N-Out? Psssssh.

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