Burger King wants its fat kids to play DDR

Burger King has joined forces with Konami to offer to its overweight grease balls some DDR loot in their Kids Meal. Starting today and lasting until Dec. 31, kids can pick up 1 of 8 “Dance Dance Revolution toy premiums.” Yeah, not the game, just some cheap plastic toy a child in China made for 5 cents a day.

“Dance Dance Revolution and BURGER KING restaurants will get in the groove this holiday season, as we promote fitness to our youth in fun and exciting ways,” said Catherine Fowler, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. “Children can enjoy a BK Kids Meal that includes smart menu choices such as low fat milk and apple sauce and then get motivated to dance the afternoon away by receiving a one-of-a-kind DDR premium.” 

Is this fun and exciting? You betcha. Just wait till those artery-clogged kids finally jump on a DDR machine after getting pumped up with these toys. Comedy would have a new middle name. To see all the toys you’ll be wanting, go here 

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