Bungie’s new IP close to having a publisher

Bungie is finally leaving the Halo franchise after Halo Reach. They have been committed to the series for many years now and ODST sort of blew up into something bigger than they ever expected if you take their word for it. So what’s next from the studio that saved the Xbox and when will it get here? No one knows, but evidently the new IP is close to having a publsiher.

The game, which isnt’ tied to any platform, has been in development for a while now, but very little is known about it. Speaking with Eurogame about the game having a publisher Lars Bakken of Bungie said, “I think internally we’ll know sometime soon. I don’t handle these things, but I’d imagine we’re going to know way before we make the public announcement of who’s handling that! But sure, I think those talks are, I guess, close.”

That’s some real firm confirmation there, huh? Talks to get a publisher may, kind of, be on the way at some point. I find it hard to believe that Bungie will have any trouble finding a publisher unless this new game is actually macaroni artwork, and even then I’m pretty sure someone would produce it as long as they could say “From the developers of Halo” on the box.

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