Bungie’s approach to Destiny in a nutshell

‘Year 2’ rages on

Destiny has undergone a lot of changes since its inception — some for the better, but a lot of it was altered for the worse in “Year 2” of the game. For starters, there’s a massive gap between leveling weapons and armor (to the point where you need an ungodly amount of experience to level-up raid armor), microtransactions have been introduced, weapon balance is all over the place, DLC is no longer a priority in favor of fleeting “events,” and PlayStation exclusivity has carried over to the second year of the game, dividing the fanbase.

I could go on, but the Destiny subreddit did a great job of summing it up itself. As for me, I still log on Tuesdays to complete raid challenges and hang out with friends, but a lot of people have been dropping off as of late since the Sparrow racing event ended. I seriously doubt Bungie can sustain the game throughout the entire year with no substantial amount of DLC or raids.

I mean, all it’d have to do is add in challenges for older raids and hardcore players would be logging in every week for unique items, and make Nightfalls better (and add back legacy Strikes to boot). For now, Destiny is stagnant, and everyone seems to know it. Bungie almost needs to go back to the drawing board entirely for Destiny 2. It made a good shooter — the rest kind of just exists around it.

No fan base should be this jaded and salty after only a year, but it’s true [reddit]

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