Bungie wants to keep its fans post-Halo

Bungie has recently expressed its concern over the fact that a number of people who buy Halo don’t know of the company behind it. This is pretty natural, since Halo has a huge fanbase encompassing a good percentage of non-hardcore gamers who don’t really care about the industry beyond the spartan lasers.

“Not everyone that buys Halo knows what Bungie is,” stated Bungie’s community leader Brian Jarrard. “We want to convert Halo fans into Bungie fans and so we’ll take them with us when we do the next game.”

Bungie’s next game is said to be “totally different” from Halo so it’s going to be interesting to see how successful it is next to the Master Chief-led videogame flagship. While hardcore fans know of Bungie and will likely be aware of its next project, will the masses of Halo lovers be more tuned in to the developer’s upcoming projects?

How much of the Halo fanbase do you think Bungie can retain? Will its next game stand a chance at being just as successful as the series that put it on the map, or will the majority of fans need to see Master Chief on the cover to want it? Time will tell, but feel free to use our humble page to speculate your grubby little hearts out.

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