Bungie says that Destiny 2 will enter a ‘new era’ very soon

As expected, they have an E3-time announcement

Right after it did a very Bungie thing and nerfed a ton of fun items, Bungie is hyping up the crowd for what’s next.

As a reminder Bungie is now self-publishing Destiny 2, and we’re all kind of waiting to see what’s next (or if they lay off some of the aggressive microtransactions that were always blamed on Activision). As the company has hinted at in the past, just recently in the last blog post Bungie is teasing a “new era for Bungie and Destiny 2” that will be announced after the season has launched and the “raid belts (clears) have been awarded.”

That season is the new micro-DLC drop Season of Opulence, so we can expect the typical E3 announcement that Bungie has been a part of for many years in the past. The only monkey wrench in the works is Sony, who typically hosts Bungie as part of their conference, is not doing a show this year.

Maybe Bungie will join forces with Microsoft? Or announce a Switch edition somehow? Or do their own thing? There’s just a few weeks left until E3 (God help us, I have my wind down routine already ready), so we’ll know soon enough.

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