Bungie lays out its roadmap for Destiny 2, much of which is Destiny 1 features

This one is through May

Bungie has some catching up to do with Destiny 2. Over time it was clear that they weren’t up to the task of supporting it in the short term, so now they’re aiming for a schedule that’s a little more involved — say, to the end of 2018.

In a bizarre turn of events many elements that came standard with Destiny 1 years ago, or can be patched into major AAA games in a matter of days with hotfixes, are now “stretch goals” for Destiny 2. The entire roadmap through May has been offered up, which includes Nightfall scoring, party member map screen indicators, unique Nightfall rewards, 6v6 PVP, Heroic Strike modifiers, and a few other changes you can peruse in the gallery below.

As someone with three max level characters (one of each class 335) I’m flabbergasted at how slow this rollout is. Eater of Worlds’ Prestige mode isn’t coming until May — a stark contrast to every other Prestige rollout in both Destiny 1 and 2 that averaged around two weeks from the release of the original raid. Even something as simple as a “multi-emote” system is months away.

Final Fantasy XIV, a massive MMO, just dropped the normal and hard mode versions of the raid in the same day this week, and will have another major update under its belt (4.3) before Destiny 2 delivers the May portion of their roadmap. Bungie is a team of literally hundreds of developers — how are they implementing basic features slower than smaller outfits like Warframe‘s Digital Extremes?

It’s great that Destiny 2 doesn’t have a subscription fee (although you could argue that since you need to get the expansions to stay relevant, there kind of is a nominal one), but if people stop playing it and get invested in another more frequently supported game, those players aren’t coming back.

Destiny 2 Development Roadmap [Bungie.net]

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