Bungie launches reward system for Destiny 2, get the new expansion soundtrack for free

Finish the campaign

It’s been several years since the Destiny franchise launched, and now Bungie is attempting something new with their proprietary Bungie account system.

In short, all players can opt-in to a reward system of sorts, which kicks off with the Forsaken expansion this week. It’s aptly called “Bungie Rewards,” and the first step is verifying your email: then you need to finish the Destiny 2: Forsaken campaign before the end of September. After that point you’ll get the Forsaken OST delivered to you, which consists of nearly two hours of music and two bonus tracks that are exclusive to the promotion.

Bungie promises (ha, a phrase that’s been used quite often) to roll out more rewards that are “unique crafted to commemorate various tiers of in-game accomplishments.” For what it’s worth they’ve already ran a yearly “Triumph” rewards program where players can earn in-game emblems and a commemorative t-shirt since the original Destiny‘s first year.

Though I have to say, this early promotion is a clever way to get people to buy in early instead of waiting for the eventual Game of the Year edition.

Bungie Rewards [Bungie.net]

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