Bungie is set to reveal the next Destiny 2 update before E3

Who needs E3?

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Bungie has put out a teaser that new Destiny 2 information will be coming before E3. On June 6, 2019, at 10 am PST, we’ll get info about the “future” of Destiny 2. For those keeping track, that is roughly three days before the first E3 conference, which means we’re not likely to get any additional information during E3 week.

With yesterday’s news that “Opulence” will be arriving on June 4, it looks that this next reveal will be content for Destiny 2 that wasn’t sanctioned by Activision. With Bungie now fully controlling the Destiny brand, this could be a glimpse at how the game will change now that Bungie is an independent entity. Hopefully, it results in more than “season two.”

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