Bungie is running an event in Destiny 2 that doesn’t require season pass ownership

Contribute Fractaline

Bungie is bringing back the whole “community chips in for a common goal” concept for Destiny 2, and it just kicked off.

The event is themed around rebuilding the Empyrean Foundation, under the guidance of Destiny icon Saint-14. To participate you need to have completed a nominal questline at the Tower to unlock the Tower Obelisk, which will allow you to contribute to the aforementioned effort. Stage 1 is 400,000,000 Fractaline and has already been reached. Stage 2 is 700,00,000 and Stage 3 is 1,2000,000,000: beyond that, the goals are a mystery and will be revealed later on akin to Kickstarter stretch goals.

The rewards are two-fold. For one, Destiny players will presumably get some sort of meta-reward at the end, like an introduction into the next storyline or activity: this will come to pass regardless of whether or not all of the goals are hit, as Bungie isn’t wasting developed content.

In the short term, players will also be rewarded 25% progression for Timelost weapon bounties, and gain a flat reward of a triumph (achievement) and an emblem if you donate more than 5,000 Polarized Fractaline before the event ends. Easy enough! You can contribute even if you don’t own the season pass, too.

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