Bungie is overhauling rewards for Destiny 2 and it’s about time

The post-Activision system was wack

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After Bungie went “non-corporate” and decided to untether themselves from Activision, folks expected that Destiny 2‘s microtransaction and cosmetic systems would be more relaxed: but the opposite happened. 

Instead, Bungie tightened the way the Eververse cosmetic shop worked, to the point where it started annoying players from pretty much every angle. Finally, after waffling through making any changes these past seven months or so, they’re getting rid of the FOMO and trying to fix the Eververse. Destiny 2‘s Year 4 (which begins later this year) is looking brighter all the time.

Director Luke Smith took to Bungie’s blog to explain the changes, which look great in theory. He notes that transmogrification (changing one item’s appearance into another) will be coming to Destiny 2, which is a feature I’ve been holding water for and talking about since launch. Seasonal flavored armor will also come from in-game activities in the future, not the season pass or the Eververse (good, this is something I was very vocal about last year).

Raid/trial/dungeon rewards are also improving, with more unique rewards doled out. Bright Dust (in-game currency to buy cosmetics) will be “easier to earn,” and Bright Engrams (loot chests you unlock while leveling up) will include more seasonal rewards from Year 3.

And here’s a big one: “Beginning in Season 12, we will no longer be selling ships, ghost shells, sparrows, or armor ornaments in Eververse that are visually based on themes from Aspirational Activities.” Translation: they aren’t going to sell things for real money that trump cosmetics you can earn in-game. Good! This is a near-complete list of my complaints against Destiny 2 as a whole.

I feel like I’ve seen the phrase “[x] is not where we want it to be” (quoted in this very blog) every month or so; oh since Destiny 1 originally launched in September of 2014. After nearly six years, Bungie still feels new to this whole live service thing, propped up by its wonderful shooter foundation that’s helped carry them to this point. Maybe one day they’ll get it right.

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