Bungie is offering a jacket if you beat the new Destiny 2 raid by December 1

The ‘Deep Stone Crypt Raid Jacket’

Another expansion, another Destiny 2 raid.

Although I’ve bowed out of the excitement a bit of new Destiny raids these past few weeks for multiple reasons, Bungie is still doing their “world first” streamer-focused events; the next of which kicks off at 10AM PT on Saturday. At that time, the first major raid (Deep Stone Crypt) of the Beyond Light era opens up.

We’ll find out who wins whenever the first raid is completed on Twitter, with a congratulatory post scheduled for Monday. For Destiny 2, this has taken anywhere from less than an hour to 19-ish hours after their launch. As usual, the first fireteam of six to complete it will get a world first wrestling belt title, while anyone who finishes it with Contest Mode on by 10AM PT on November 22 will get a unique “first-ish” emblem.

The real prize (and by that I mean real-life item) is a “Bungie Deep Stone Crypt Raid Jacket,” which you’ll be able to buy if you clear it by 9AM PT on December 1: a much more reasonable deadline for folks who have work or family obligations over the weekend. Just know that for the jacket you also need to claim your reward code by 9AM PT on December 31, then buy it by the end of that day.

Good luck! Even if I was raid-ready I probably wouldn’t be going for a quick clear on a weekend.

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