Bungie explodes with Halo: Reach details

It looks like the guys at Bungie just can’t keep their mouths shut anymore. With the beta for Halo: Reach just a month away they’ve unloaded a whole crap ton of details about the game at Bungie.net. Some of this was discussed in our preview of the multiplayer and shown off in the trailer, but there’s plenty of new details in there for Halo fanatics to dissect.

As a casual Halo player this all seems fun to me, but I’m sure some people will be upset by the new five shot kills instead of four with some guns. I especially like the changes they made to the Elites who are now much stronger, faster, bigger and all around better than the Spartans. This means that in some multiplayer modes you won’t be able to play Spartan vs. Elite, but within the universe of Halo it makes a lot more sense that the Elites would function in a vastly different way than the Spartans.

Aside from that the big news to take from the post is the discussion on how exactly Load Outs will work and the new armor types. The Armor Lock is especially interesting (and bad ass looking), since it allows for invincibility. The down side? You can’t move. Expect glowing blue flames to become a sniper’s favorite sight.

Oh, and then there’s that listing and description of the weapons and vehicles in the game and how they will work. You know, the stuff no one cares about.

Bungie Weekly Update: 04.02.10 [Bungie.net, via Blast Magazine]

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