Bungie admits drop rate for Destiny’s new event item is too low

So free Ghost shells for everyone!

This week in Destiny, Bungie is hosting a special event to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

It’s called Crimson Doubles and involves pairing up with a partner for some competitive multiplayer. A potential prize waiting for players at the end of the tunnel is a fancy Ghost shell with 320 light — the game’s maximum value for weapons and armor at the moment.

The thing is, much like all of Destiny‘s coveted gear, the chances of getting your hands on one of these Ghost shells is pretty low. In response to this, many players have entered into suicide pacts, intentionally killing their characters as quickly as possible to play in as many matches as possible.

Since the odds of getting one of these shells is random and doesn’t take performance into account, probability favors these players more so than anyone earnestly attempting to play the game as intended. Last night, Destructoid’s own Darren Nakamura and I encountered a number of teams employing this self-destructive strategy. In at least one instance, we surmised, our opponents had jury-rigged their controllers for self-murder and walked away from their consoles for the evening.

Here’s an example of that type of behavior:

People, of course, will do anything to game a system, but the Destiny community generally agrees the drop rate for this special event is too low, as does the development staff at Bungie.

“We took a look at the data, and the number of Ghosts awarded has not been what we expected,” wrote community manager David Dague via studio’s official website on Friday.

To remedy this, Bungie plans to give away Ghost shells to players who have completed more than seven Crimson Doubles matches, so long as those matches aren’t of the suicide pact variety.

Once you’ve done that, a shell should appear in the Postmaster’s box sometime before February 23. For an opportunity to earn one, you’ll need to participate before February 16’s weekly reset.

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